Navot winery

Navot winery – north of moshav Tzlafon. Tel: +972-54-5304576, +972-2-9992291   Vineyards & Wineries

Tzuba winery

Tzuba winery – in kibbutz Tzuba. Tel: +972-2-5347678 , +972-54-5637920   Vineyards & Wineries

Judea winery

Judea winery – in moshav Shoresh. Tel: +972-2-5348175, +972-54-4638544   Vineyards & Wineries

Ella Valley winery

Ella Valley winery – in kibbutz Netiv HaLamed-Heh. Tel: +972-2-9994885   Vineyards & Wineries

Tzora winery

Tzora winery – in kibbutz Tzora, near Beit Shemesh. Tel: +972-2-9908261   Vineyards & Wineries

Castel winery

Castel winery – in moshav Ramat Raziel. Tel: +972-2-5342249   Vineyards & Wineries

Latrun winery

Latrun winery – at the Latrun monestary. Tel: +972-8-9220065   Vineyards & Wineries

Flam winery

Flam winery – in the Kdoshim forest, Eshtaol junction. Tel: +972-2-9929923, +972-54-2113324   Vineyards & Wineries

The Yoav-Judea wine-route

The Yoav-Judea wine-route The Yoav-Judea region has always abounded in vineyards, wineries, wine-presses, and ancient caves used for wine-making. The combination of history and tradition, suitable soil and climate, and devoted, professional growers, will provide for special encounters at small and medium sized boutique wineries offering wine tastings among picturesque trails. Join the local wine […]