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Hotel Charter

Hotel Charter

C Hotels


We will strive to provide the best service. Professional and polite service with a smile, depending on the needs of the guests.


We will strive for professionalism in all areas of our practice, in order to give the best experience to our guests.


We will continuously improve our capabilities, while displaying curiosity. We will learn, produce and implement lessons, and we will develop and implement innovations in our field.


We will strive to provide service that supplies flexible and creative solutions alongside innovation.


We will perform our duties responsibly and in accordance with the law and rules of ethics.


We will show openness, respectfulness, and fairness to every guest and employee regardless of religion, race or gender. In addition, we will protect the privacy of each employee and guest.


We will show consideration, in the broader sense, of the area around us, and in the process we will make sure to contribute to promoting and protecting the environment.

Contribution to the Community

We will show commitment in exchange for the good of the community.

Commitment to Results

We will show commitment to results. We will strive for success and utilization of sales potential as a means of continuing product and company development.


We will implement the company’s policies, its rules and its practices, while showing an honest and collegial partnership.
C Hotels

Change / Cancel Reservation

To cancel or change a reservation,
please contact us by: info@c-hotels.co.il

Change/Cancel reservation – Cancellation Fee:
7 days or less from arrival – 150 NIS per room.
48 to 24 hours from arrival – 50% of the total transaction.
Within 24 hours or less – Full charge

Change/Cancel reservation – Peak Seasons- July, August, holidays:
From the moment the order is placed until 14 days before arrival – will be charged NIS 100 or 5% of the reservation value (whichever is lower – in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law)
14 to 7 days from arrival – 300 NIS per room.
7 days or less from arrival – 50% of the total transaction.
Within 48 hours or less – Full charge