Welcome to the Almond Spa – a capsule of tranquility inside the prestigious Almond Hotel, located in the heart of the magical mountainous area near Jerusalem. Our spa draws inspiration from the ever-changing natural beauty that surrounds us and creates an atmosphere that rejuvenates both body and soul.

 You are welcomed to enter our elegantly designed spa, where you will find a world of comfort and well-being. The spa includes beautifully equipped treatment rooms and professional therapists whose goal is to make you calm and happy. Whether you are looking for the invigorating embrace of a wet sauna or the soothing warmth of a dry sauna, our facilities are here to satisfy all your needs, and more. Come and reach new heights with our rooftop pool (operating in season), where you can bask in the warm sun or dip in the cool water while enjoying panoramic views and letting the silence of the surroundings permeate your soul, for perfect relaxation.

Tailored treatments

At Almond Spa, we understand that customization is the key to a truly transcendent spa experience! That’s why we offer each guest the opportunity to choose their favorite massage butter and tailor the spa experience to their mood, energy or favorite scent.

It is recommended to book treatments before arrival

10% discount for hotel guests

Looking forward to hosting you.. The spa and hotel staff.

To coordinate a treatment or book a fun day,
contact us at +972-73-3400444